Lift Truck

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Lift Truck Theory

This course will provide the participant with the necessary theoretical knowledge of proper lift truck operation. It is the first part of a two-part requirement to maintain a qualified lift truck operator. This course has been designed around the requirements outlined in the Ministry of Labour Guidelines for Lift Truck Operations, and C.S.A. B335-04.

Participants will:
  • Review the Occupational Health and Safety Act, and Regulations for Industrial Establishments, and Ontario Fire Code requirements.
  • Gain an understanding of basic load handling procedures, safe operating practices, pre-use inspections; stacking/de-stacking loads, parking a lift truck, and how to conduct pre-use inspections.
  • Be familiar with propane cylinder exchange, and with battery charging and maintenance.
  • Method of Instruction: Lecture, interactive presentation, group discussion, group and individual exercises, video(s) and written test.

Course Length: 8 hours (non-experienced operators) & 4 hours (experienced operators)
Course materials and certificates provided

Lift Truck Practical Evaluation

This hands-on evaluation will provide the participant with the opportunity to apply the previously learned theoretical knowledge to the proper operation of lift truck. Participants will:

  • Demonstrate that they have retained and understood the information covered in the theoretical portion of the program, by participating in a practical lift truck assessment.
  • Areas covered during the practical component include, basic load handling procedures, safe operating practices, pre-use inspections, stacking/de-stacking loads, parking a lift truck, pre-use inspections, propane exchange and/or battery charging Optional: Client provides operator manuals and policies
  • Method of Instruction: Evaluation of practical demonstration.

Course Length:

  • Non-experienced operators 1-2 hours per person. (It is recommended that operators have 8 hours of practice prior to this component of the training)
  • Experienced operators 1 hour per person
  • Evaluation forms and wallet cards provided upon successful completion