Lock Out/Tag Out

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Lock-out/Tag-out Training Program

Lock out Tag out is the most effective way to control hazardous energy and is required by law when performing tasks such as the maintenance, repair, and cleaning of any piece of equipment. The Lock-out Tag-out Training Program is interactive and informative.

It plays out various unsafe workplace scenarios while testing employees on why this accident happen and what they could have done to preventative it. The Lock-out Tag-out Training Program covers: What is lock-out tag-out?, the different forms of energy, lock-out tag-out devices and a step by step procedure of locking out machines and equipment.

OSHA Standards For Controlling Hazardous Energy Sources "29 CFR 1910.333 sets forth requirements to protect employees working on electric circuits and equipment. This section requires workers to use safe work practices, including lockout and tagging procedures. Lockout/tag out standards establishes the employer's responsibility to protect employees in the workplace from hazardous energy sources on machinery and equipment when service and maintenance is being performed."

Course Length: 1 Hour