Preventing Slips and Trips

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Falls from slips and trips, from the same level, are common workplace injuries, which may cause serious injuries and disabilities. Workers, managers, supervisors and committees will gain practical information, case studies and tips to help understand the causes of falls and take preventive measures.

Topics include:
  • Basic cause of falls
  • How slips and trips occur
  • Roles of floor surfaces, stairs, walkways, housekeeping, obstructions, spills, and outdoor issues
  • Worker and employer responsibilities
  • Prevention of slip and trip hazards on surfaces and floors
  • Prevention of slip and trip hazards on stairs
This course does not cover falls from heights or situations such as working on ladders. * See Fall Protection *

Upon completion of this course you will:

  • Understand the causes of slip, trip and fall accidents;
  • Understand the importance of preventing falls;
  • now good housekeeping practices and methods that help prevent falls.

Course Length: 1 Hour